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: yay! narrator: it's valentine's day in word world. and dog and ant are busy getting ready for the big valentine's party. kids: heart! (excited barking) that's right, dog, we're almost done decorating for the valentine's party. oh, hi, sheep. oh, my, what a lovely heart. yeah. it's a valentine for my big buddy pig. oh, i just love valentine's day. it's our chance to let our word friends know how much we love them. hey, bear's my best friend. i should give her a really special valentine. hmm, maybe you could sing a song for bear. after all, you have such a beautiful voice. a song? well, i guess i could sing bear a song. great idea. thank you, ant. i'm going to make up a valentine's song for bear. good luck. narrator: so sheep sat down to try to think up a valentine's song for her friend bear. ♪ la-la-la, la-la-la, la-la ♪ (gasps) ♪ la-la, la-la, la-la... ♪ oh, sweet music. what a beautiful voice you have, sheep. oh, well, thank you, fly. i'm making up a valentine's song for my best friend bear. hey, maybe i could help you with your song. i am in the
department. >>> san francisco city leaders are taking a stance to end violence against women this valentine's day. the board of supervisors unanimously passed a resolution declaring today as the 1 billion raising day. it's part of a global movement to raise awareness on the continuing abuses women face throughout the world. mayor ed lee and other leaders will be attending a public event on the front steps at city hall this afternoon at 4:00. >>> sheriff ross mirkarimi, recently accused of domestic violence, is helping to organize a flash mob by county prisoners to protest domestic violence. his wife is expected to take part. mirkarimi, as you may remember, was recently accused of grabbing lopez hard enough to cause a bruise. it led to domestic violence charges and mirkarimi pleaded guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment last year. it caused a riff between mirkarimi and mayor ed lee. >>> still ahead, another reminder of that tsunami that devastated japan as we near the two-year date of that disaster. >>> american airlines and us airways get married this valentine's day. what is the new rel
on this thirsty thursday. it's february 14th, and, yes, valentine's day here in santa monica place. >> on this valentine's day i'm feeling the love. >> are you? >> i'm feeling the love. >> noogies. >> are you? >> so sweet of everybody to come. we love you too, everybody. >> valentine's day is such a wonderful holiday. >> it is. >> not. >> how many of you actually feel like we have too many expectations, too high of an expectation for valentine's day? >> here's the worst thing about valentine's day. if you are dating somebody and you are at work and you know how you see a dozen roses come in, and you are, like, are those for me? no. and then the guy comes again and again and you're waiting and you're wondering. >> you don't even get a cactus. >> is your boyfriend going to send you something? >> has that been you, hoda woman? >> valentine's day i'll be honest is not my favorite holiday of the year because -- >> get out your kleenex. this is sad. >> i wish we had a drink. there's nothing. there's nothing. >> i knew something was missing. >> i'll explain why. then hopefully the drink w
a." have a great valentine's day. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead we expect a formal announcement today that would affect millions of travelers. american airlines and u.s. airways agreeing to a merger, they would become the world's biggest airline. >> in south africa, an olympic sprinter and double amputee has been arrested in the shooting death of a woman. good morning, washington. it's thursday, february 14. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras on this valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day, everybody. we got an inch of snow or less across the area. just a trace at reagan national. i cannot even see anything on the grass. germantown had an inch as well as winchester. just shy of an inch in wgaithersburg. most of its stock to the grassy areas. temperatures hovering around the freezing mark. watch for slick spots on the roadways this morning especially if they are elevated. 35 degrees at reagan national. a beautiful day to look forward to. lots of sunshine with a high around 49
that the cop clave will convene on thursday. >>> glean green has come to represent valentine's day for the money the holiday generates. reporter: valentine's day brings out the procast nate near many people, though it is a time for love and romance. reporter: sophia, what do you think about valentine's day? >> it's good for people who have someone to share it with. grr diswhrr according to retailers, it generates some $18 preponderate 6 billion across the nation. women will spend an average of $88 on their significant others in flowers, chocolate, and the classic cards. >> after christmas, the number one holiday is valentine's day. reporter: mike baum says they count on the red to keep them in the black. >> chocolates are tremendous. they usually add it with some gift or not. >> don't let the business of valentine's day fool you. those out shopping for a loved one with sweethearts still say it's all for love. >> i don't know what i'm going to get. >> i have a wonderful wife. i'm so happy to spend something for mer. >> the national retail fed
in the shooting death of his model girlfriend? was it a valentine's day surprise gone wrong? fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> good morning. straight up 6:00 on this thursday, february 14th. happy valentine's day. it is a chilly start to your valentine's day. we'll see how it will shake out though for you. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. time now to check in with tucker barnes in just a second but we've got some information to pass along to you. some of you got a little bit of snow last night and that is causing a few school delays. frederick county, maryland and carroll county schools are both delayed two hours today. so get you some extra sleep. or eat an extra breakfast sandwich. >> a little scraping out there. northwest washington, i was doing a little of this on the within shield. the rain transition to snow for parts of the area last night and not big-time accumulations. parts of the area got up an inch. with temperatures below 32 here, we might have a few issues temporarily, next hour or two. >> enough to cause some delays. >> possible icy spots. >> let's
fears the most. chilly air in the northeast. >> if yit's your snuggle up valentine's day forecast. if there is ever a reason to it brought 1-2 inches we don't need another foot or more of snow. one across the northern rockies a quick moving clirp s -- clirp. i want to show you the front moves offshore here. saturday owe want to watch a quick moving system making its way offshore. this may be a quick weather maker. saturday into sunday could bring snow into the snoert eas northe. i don't think it will be a blockbuster storm but we will keep an eye on it. as we get into tomorrow you can see single digits in some cases across the northwest as far south adds florida. since it is valentine's day time for a hokey forecast for you valentines nebraska 24 degrees lub lynn colorado 26 for you. 52 balmy degrees in romance, arkansas. kissimmee, florida $64. that's adorable. you can't get too cheese zsy fo us. >>> it's time to brew on this here's what we would like you to brew on today on this valentine's day a fox news poll says politics and love go hand in hand. is it important that your val
on that coming up. here's your forecast for your valentine's day. 50 in washington. 49 in quanaco. good looking day. more details on that weather. back to you at the desk. >> thank you. a breaking story today is making headlines around the world. the arrest of an olympic track star. >> south african sprinter known as blade runner is charged with murder after the shooting death today of his girlfriend. wisdom is back in studio with the details. >> oscar inspired the world last summer when he competed in the london games. but today that inspiration has turned into shock after a mysterious shooting in south africa. the shooting happened around 3:00 in the morning south africa time. early reports indicate may have been an accident. mistake steenkamp as a burglar. talked with neighbors to have claimed to have heard shouting overnight. unclear whether that was around the time of the shooting or earlier. police did say they responded to previous incidents but did not give further information. first court appearance was postponed to tomorrow. so investigators can finish their work. >> thank you. >> pol
as leader of more than 1.2 billion catholics worldwide. >>> it is valentine's day and we always think of our meteorologist, bill karins. we always want good weather. >> i thought you meant with love. >> of course we love you, bill. >> good morning, everyone. as we start this valentine's day, grab the umbrella heading into the northwest. especially from olympia to bellingham. as the rain comes at us from the north and northwest, this is associated with the warm front lingering along the coast trying to move in. damp weather for the morning commute. if you are driving down i-5 today, tomorrow looks better. we are seeing a clearing trend. we have had high pressure off the west coast that's been very strong. now the high pressure ridge back here over areas of salt lake city will strengthen heading throughout the weekend. that's a change in the weather pattern and a change in the wind direction for a few spots, including southern california as this high pressure begins to strengthen it is in a position to provide us with some of the santa ana winds. we'll see strong wind gusts in the mountains an
. >> the day before she was killed, she tweeted she was excited about valentine's day. >>> an elementary school in the east bay is closed today due to a homicide investigation. sal castanedo has just spoken to the victim's father. he joins us live now. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. hillside is closed. just on the other side of the fence police say an 18-year-old was killed. we just spoke to the victim's father and he had stuff to say to us a few moments ago. alameda county sheriff's deputies say foster was shot in the bock multiple times at about 9:00 last night after -- in the back multiple times at about 9:00 last night after he was hear playing dice with people. >> i heard two shouts. there was a -- shots. there was two and then a pause and then two more. >> reporter: they were on campus after hours playing dice even though the gates are locked. one family member came looking for foster after he didn't come home. this woman who lives close to the school says she will never forget when deputies informed the mother of the victim. >> i guess the police told her it was
card assoccitionn.. ann estimated 1--bllion cards will pe seet out today....mmking valentine's day the igggst greeting card holiday ii the u-s... after christmas. 33 carroll anddfrederick county schooos are open 2 hhurs late. 3 3 3 p 3 3 3 libert green map 3- 3 the baatiiore ciiy schhol boaad deciids ánntá to ennw contracts of severrl charter and independently run schools. that meaas... they wiil shut down by theeend offthe next school year. year.tom rodgers has reaction to the announcement... along 3 the criterri iicluded academii perfoormnce.....climate and finaaccal government. governmmnt.bluford drew jemiion... one offthe sshools all male chhol ffcused on &pmath and &pooened... inn20077.. and the bbarr chair... ddits... it has hadditt share of trouble &ppn the 20088.. one of phe sccool's secretaries stoll and is urrently n the process of payyng ii back..- 11:09:17 when yyo have major thefts from staff it hurtt at home buu in terms of - aaheivement the boyy hhve donn thee meassued us over a 5 year peeiod. period
. for more on that, out to marty. >> reporter: thank you very much. happy valentine's day everyone. let's take a look at our national temperature map. everything is moving left to right. this bubble of mild air is going to come across the mid atlantic over the next 48 hours. look at the dip in the jet stream. business mark, denver, salt lake. our next graphic shows a cold front moving our way. we're going to see temperatures going 10 degrees below normal through the weekend. there's going to be a little be it of moisture out ahead of that new air mass, which could become a bit of a mixed precipitation event. how much so, when, what's the timing? meteorologist tim williams with those details shortly. >> thank you. >>> new information on the training incident that led to an officer getting shot in the head. sources say the training incident when somebody mixed up a simulated weapon with a service weapon. there are still unanswered questions. wjz is live. mike hellgren has more on what we've learned this noon. mike. >> reporter: good afternoon. some new information that the maryland police
, but for now enjoy a very pleasant valentine's evening. you may want to get the warm weather gear. >>> help mentioned in in his address -- he mentioned it in his state of the union address. now he is making it clear when it comes to preschool. the push to make preschool available to all families. >> reporter: these pre-k students outside atlanta today got a surprise and very high profile visitor. president obama headed to georgia to launch a push for early childhood education, including nationwide publicly funded kindergarten. >> let's make sure none of our kids start out a step behind. let's make it a national priority to give every child access to a high quality early education. >> reporter: in his state of the union address tuesday, the president held up georgia's pre-k program as a model for the rest of the nation, that parents should have access to the same educational opportunities. >> the size of your paycheck shouldn't determine your child's future. so let's fix this. >> reporter: but the white house didn't put a price tag on how much this with cost to do that. republicans have slam
to be a rapper. >> kim kardashian and kanye west, they went to lowrey's prime rib for valentines' day. >> lowrey is the most undiscovered good food place. >> it is so not! >> you don't even eat meat. >> we have jared harris who played grant in the "lincoln" movie. which would you choose, lunch with lincoln or a nice of blis with marilyn monroe. >> i'm going steamy night with lincoln. >> mariah carey posted photos of her on twitter. >> she's like gwyneth paltrow but not as pretentious. >> the group yesterday was all about valentine's day for one and she recommended you buy this book, all recipes for one person. >> what did you make? >> tony haak, in the flesh, the man, the myth, the legend. >> all three, behold the obi-wan of skateboarding, tony hawk, has taken on a new apprentice, he has, the kid who did this. the force is strong with this one. >> you tweeted this video of adam miller. >> basically, it's a back flip from skateboard to skateboard down a set of stairs. >> easily one of the coolest tricks you've seen in a long time. >> not too many people can do anything like that. i've never seen
are speculating that. and news in south africa reports she was waking him up to surprise him for valentine's day. he is a double amputee who competed in the london olympics running on blade legs. the bbc reports many in south africa keep weapons in their homes to protect themselves because of fears of intruders and break ins. katie marzullo will have a live report in 30 minutes. >> in san bernardino county a memorial continues to grow for the deputy who was killed in tuesday's shoot out with fugitive ex-police officer christopher dorner. the sheriff identified him as a 35-year-old mckay survived by his wife and a seven-year-old daughter and four-month-old son. the manhunt for dorner is officially over although they are still waiting for positive i.d. on the charred remains of a body believed to be dorner. officials removeed the remains yesterday from the cabin in big bear. the man carjacked before the shoot out is talking about it. >> he jumped out of the snow at me, gun drawn, big long rifle and pointed the gun at me and said i don't want to hurt you. the never says the cabin was not intentiona
about it. >>> on this valentine's day there were flash mobs, live music and prison inmates dancing all over the world. but there was nothing romantic about it. kpix 5 reporter linda yee sprains the meaning of the program one million rising. >> reporter: that's the number of victims of domestic violence they estimate all over the world. that means 30% of women will suffer physical or emotional abuse sometime in their lives. the reason they say that, that's why they had the street party today which is wrapping up to call attention to the numbers. ♪ [ music ]♪ >>> reporter: they have been arrested for violent acts, half of them for abuse against a girlfriend, wife or partner. as part of today's events to call attention to ending violence against women, dancing without borders brought their creative therapy to both the men's and women's jails. inmates say it's a relief that helps. >> i was abusive because i had a lot of anger problems. i still have kind of anger problem but i'm in this program trying to stop my violence and become a better person.
on valentine's day. sharon has traffic right after marty's first warning weather. >> the weather of last night is long gone. that's a clean scan. skies will be clear before not too long. 32 on tv hill is going to be 2 degrees chillier than this time yesterday. winds are calm so it's not all that uncomfortable. 47 at lunch with sun going to a high of near 50. >>> we have several school advisories this morning they're now appearing at the bottom of your screen. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> good morning. this is one of those mornings when you walk out things can be deceiving everything looks okay but there seems to be a lot of ice out there. we are judging that on the amount of accidents that we have. one of them just coming in to us on 97 northbound at 32. a multi-vehicle there blocking lanes. richie highway on route 2. 95 back northbound at 895 we still have an accident. 97 north bound at ben field vehicle. mown dane -- mountain road at philadelphia road. one more on bel air by pass at route 24 to tell you about. if you're headed out on the beltway speeds just slightly below
center. after some patchy fog this morning, the sun is out. it's looking sweet on this valentine's day. we'll talk about that in the forecast coming up. day! >>> you get mrs. boehner for valentine's day? [ laughter ] >> how about that. politicians puckering up in public only on valentine's day. >> yes. at a news conference in washington, d.c., this morning, house speaker john boehner indicated he gave his wife a kiss maybe two or three for valentine's day. >> i think that was three actually. >>> from kisses to flowers to expensive gifts, valentine's day apparently is a day for love and money. >> and money in a big way. 62% of adults say they celebrate the holiday. the average person will spend 130 bucks on their honey but men are the bigger spenders, shelling out between 150 and 1 $75. big business, $18 billion spent on valentine's day alone. >> do you want flowers? do men want flowers or chocolate or what do you want? >> chocolate -- as long as she's happy, i'm okay. i'm more the giver than the receiver. >> okay. >>> last-minute valentine'
.c. area on a chilly start. love is in the air because it is valentine's day. >> happy valentine's day, wisdom. >> happy valentine's day to you as well. >> neither of us wore red. >> that's all right. we still got a lot of love this morning. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. let's say good morning and happy valentine's day to tucker barnes who is wearing red j i can't believe you guys didn't remember. >> yeah. >> you guys are pretty lame actually. >> that will get you some up likes. >> the snow and/or rain is out of here. parts of the area did get a little something yesterday. we got reports of anywhere a coating to a trace to upwards towards baltimore up to anen. or two. our temperatures have fallen become near freezing. a heads up. could be a supple of slippery spots. got the rain and/or snow last night. temperatures are falling back to the freezing mark for parts of the area. you can see we are nice and quiet. we have cheer skies out there at the moment. should be a beautiful thursday. not looking forward or having to deal with any more rain and/or snow today. lots of sun
. it can't be as bad as today i hope. >> it was slick this morning. why want to dash anyone's valentine's day plans. it's tomorrow night into saturday night. this could bring another wintry variety. we're clear. we're dry. temperatures comfortable, in the low 40s. you don't have to bundle up too terribly much. we're watching the tennessee valley for an area of low pressure to develop. it's going to converge on the state as we go into saturday morning. we'll have much more on that straight ahead. >> all right. thanks a lot. now to the breaking news that we first broke on a mother and her two children are recovering in the hospital after an apartment fire. jamie costello has more. >> the 26-year-old mother and her sons ages two and four, are seriously burned. the fire started on the second flair of the two-story apartment just around 10:00 this morning. when firefighters arrived, they found the mother and her children outside. the smoke alarms were not working at the time. the cause of the fire is still under investigation at this hour. remember, you can follow breaking news
's a look at your valentine's day weather. a pleasant day on the east coast. south florida could see some thunderstorms. atlanta and new orleans dry out after four days of rain. pittsburgh could see snow showers by dinnertime. >> new orleans is drying out in more ways than one. warmer than usual in the southwest with dallas near 70. 40s for chicago, detroit and omaha. mild here in the northeast with boston at 42. the usual high just about 30. >>> and now to a beautiful story on this valentine's day about a florida couple who just couldn't be more compatible. >> just months after getting married, melissa jones gave her husband a gift he will never, ever forget. a kidney that would save his life. they just happened to be a perfect match in more ways than one. >> we couldn't continue to date if he wasn't going to live. >> to be perfectly healthy, and elect to have surgery, it shows the love and true compassion that one person can really have. and it will take me a lifetime to duplicate this. >> just think about this, what is the very best gift you ever, ever, ever, ever given jenny? >> it do
at traffic is moving. >> we can look forward to a pretty mild valentine's day. >> a beautiful valentine's day. bright sunshine. temperatures above average this afternoon. here is a live look from our weather camera in arlington. this is the orange line. a few clouds may move in later. temperature wise 30 in northwest dc paying-- d.c.c cooler in winchester. we are climbing into the low to mid 40's. high temperatures around 49 degrees. here is your travel forecast. a few issues in chicago. a bit of snow there. otherwise, dallas, sunny, 66. atlanta, 50 six, sunny. we could run into snow by tomorrow evening. i will have more coming up. >> we are following a story out of alexandria. police have identified the elderly man who was killed in alexandria as 94-year-old elmer roehrs. he was found dead in his home last night. police are investigating this first potential homicide since 2011. >> city of alexandria police have been outside of his home outside. >> they have not figured out what has happened. it is scary. >> exactly what happened inside is a mystery. the homeowner was found dead. his stepson
excitement for valentine's day saying what do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow? then later on, it should be a day of love for everyone. now the couple have been dating a couple of months. steenkamp was a law school graduate and was considered one of the top models in south africa. keith? >> what a sad story. thanks melissa. >>> right now, moms of gun -- for gun control are lobbying congress to pass strict gun control measures. the mother of 15-year-old hadiya pendleton is on capitol hill right now. that teen was shot a week after she marched with her school at the inauguration. tony is live on capitol hill now. he spoke with pendleton's mom. maybe he can tell us how she's doing now. tony? >> well, barbara, if you take what she says for face value, she's doing okay. but i can tell you i spent a few minutes with her this morning and she is still in absolute shock and pain, not doing too well. she's in town. she spent tuesday night with miss obama at the state of the union address and then today, as you mentioned, she and some volunteers will be delivering teddy bears here on cap
-- meat -- in your hands and you gave it up. >> actually, never mind. >> happy valentine's day, kim and kanye, their first one together. >> thanks, true love. >> their first and last one together. >> leading jimmy kimmel. >> you're number one, how does it feel? >> feels good. >> it's news to me. i don't know anyone listens? >> he's number one this week. >> we say, there's this woman getting paid to quit getting on facebook by her parents. her parents have an issue, chez on it too much. >> what is the worst habit you have you wish you could get paid to quit doing? >> if i could get paid to stop cracking my knuckles, i'd make a thousand dollars a day. >> oh! >> he's cracking his knuckles. >> everybody in here is similar. it involves crack. >> who says we all do crack? >> i was kidding. >> we can afford cocaine. [laughter] >> thanks so much. >> hey, look, it's rapper 2 chainz posing with a couple of nice police officers, right after he was arrested for drugs! huh, you think he'd be more upset. now we got a story and a reason to play his song. ♪ i'm different, yeah i'm different ♪ >
back to texas where this wild trip started. >> thank you very much, jay. >>> a deadly valentine's day in east san jose. a man and a woman found shot to death. victims of an apparent murder/suicide. it happened along the 800 block of bermuda way. police believe the two were romantically involved and that the man shot the woman and then shot himself. there was a third person in the house at the time of the shooting. >> he was present inside the residence at the time. heard the gunfire. went upstairs to investigate. found the bodies and alerted the police department. >> police have not released the names of the victims. but both were in their 20s. they don't have a motive for the shooting yet. >>> leland yee describes for the first time the death threat made against him by a man in santa clara. on monday, investigators found dangerous materials used to make explosives at the home of cedric basham. he was making a threat to a public official. yee says he received the threat via e-mail last month. >> the author of that threat stated if i did not cease our efforts to deal with gun violence,
is this may have been a valentine's surprise that went wrong and officials that have spoken with him in the last hour say they weren't familiar with the events. as for mr. pistorius, he's due to appear in a pretoria court in the next one or two hours where the charges will be laid out against him. officials have indicated authorities would resist any attempt to apply for bail by mr. pistorius' lawyers and people in south africa are stunned by this news. this is a country that has no shortage of national icons and he is certainly one of them through his humility he's displayed and his sportsmanship, matt. >> rohit, thanks very much and our thanks to otto boldin as well. >>> another story we're following, the nightmare cruise for passengers on the stricken gulf of mexico. almost at an end now. janet is where the ship is nearing port. good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. the latest update is the cruise ship triumph will arrive at the port of mobile sometime between 2:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. that is central time. you know those people on that ship will want to ge
the drink will come. i met my first husband on valentine's day. wait. it gets worse. and we signed our divorce papers on valentine's day. >> no, that was a happy day. >> do we have drinks? seriously. are there any? there are none? are there no drinks? >> extremely -- >> oh, thank god. >> better late than never. >> how are you? thank you. >> what are these drinks? >> what is your name? >> john. >> it's called a prawna. it came from true food kitchen. >> yes. >> you guys know about that? >> as opposed to false food? it's all natural foods you are using? >> organic, all natural, locally grown, seasonal. >> what's in this thing? >> cocoanut, grapefruit, pineapple, simple and vodka. you like it? >> cheers for the vodka. >> thank you. it's refreshing. it tastes almost a little too healthy, if you know what i mean. thank you. >> thank you for coming. >> enjoy your day. >> thank you. >> here they say that valentine's day brings with it a lot of pressure, though, because it's like new year's. they say that most couples feel like they have to do the nasty on valentine's day because they feel pre
return to me... the stocks that are showing investors the love this valentines day. in today's cover story, president obama hits the road. the plans he has in motion for changes in the manufacturing industry. why travelers are on board with the hottest new way to see the world by boat. plus, film studios are overflowing with attempts to attract lovebirds this valentines day. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's thursday, feburary 14th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: up or down? stocks and commodities traded with mininal gains and losses yesterday. investors are holding back as they wonder whether a large sell-off or big rally lies ahead. cisco sees the light. the company topped its earnings targets after the close. cisco ceo john chambers notes that 2013 is off to a slow start but sees early signs of improvement in europe. and democrats are working on a new bill that could replace the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts that take effect march 1st if there is no deal.
today. happy valentine's day. >> 5:01. >> last night was kind of rough. now the temperatures are below freezing. it was above 32 degrees last night. 32 at the airport. upper 20's in the northern suburbs. you may have to scrape some frost off of your windshield. 45 this afternoon. a mixture of sun and clouds. we don't expect any problems this evening for valentine's activities. >> celebrations. >> whenever you have planned. let's check the roads. >> good morning. one thing is northbound 95 at 895. two lanes are closed with an early morning accident. it is a good idea to leave early because the roads are slick. moving well on the entire beltway. this is southbound traffic coming down from franklin. moving without delay down to the beltway. on to the j.f.x., a smooth start into town. traffic is moving without delay on 83. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the latest on that accidental shooting during a police exercise. a man remains in the hospital this morning. >> jennifer franciotti is live this morning with the latest. >> we know the police training has undergone two surgeries
simpson. >> i am scott thuman. it's valentine's day. scott and cynne forever, i like to call it. >> that is so sweet. >> it's a great day for friends or more than friends. snow lovers are not as happy today. not much accumulation in d.c. a few spots got around an inch. germantown at about an inch. gaithersburg, just shy of an inch. chantilly had about a quarter of an inch. the road could be a little slippery and elevated areas. otherwise just wet. 35 degrees in d.c. and 34 at dulles 36 in martinsburg and 30 in manassas. the forecast will bring up your mood. lots of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 40's, almost 50 this afternoon. a big cooldown in the seven-day forecast. we will tell you about that in a minute. it's time for traffic and weather jamee. little scraping going on this morning. >> scrape the windows. extra time needed. there are slick spots here and there. 198 in maryland between new hampshire avenue and 29th, be careful for the slippery roads. in germantown aren't pretty good on 29. reports of a possible crashed on 495 at connecticut. >> a developing story invol
. a valentine's day staple. most people could make it a staple every day. in minutes we show how it can be added to a savory dish. >> first a look at what's hot on nbc >> announcer: you're watching news 4 midday. >> nothing says valentine's day like chocolate. what about adding it to a savory dish? nick stefananelli is here to tell us how to do that. this is something you can serve as a main course? >> we are serving it thursday for valentine's day. >> chocolate in it. okay. i know you have a menu for valentine's day? >> a four-course mean you. appetizer, pasta, main course and dessert. it's for two to share. >> is this dessert or a main? >> this is risotto, one of the pasta courses. onions, butter, oil and rice. we're toasting it and we'll deglaze with prosecco. everybody will be drinking champagne for valentine's day. >> it's a sparkling wine. >> we have a finished product over here which is 25 minutes cooking. this is a dish of love. it's a good dish for valentine's day. >> smells wonderful. you add stock to the risotto. >> after the alcohol evaporates, cover it and slowly as
ways around it. not the swimming pool. >> thinking about clean water. take three, tomorrow is valentine's day. special plans, especially if you live here in the new york area. across the river in brooklyn, you can spend your valentine's day touring the newtown creek sewage plant. >> on valentine's day? >> on valentine's day. >> those look like bottles of water. >> before you laugh this tour is so popular they had to addthy third. they had to add in an 11:00 am. apparently if you go up to the top there are great views of new york city and in some way becomes romantic though the smell does get in the way of romance. >> you think? >> a little bit. >> go to sunset park, brooklyn, sit outside. beautiful view of the city. so many places to go to get a beautiful view. >> free tours. i'm telling you. you get a free hershey kiss. >> what have you got planned for valentine's day? >> you know what we're going to do? we're going to do a family thing. we make today family day. take the kids out to dinner. >> it's one of these hallmark holidays. every day should be about doing something together. we'
presiballantine press and you will have. >> -- valentine's present it will have. it was not until four days ago they realize they have they been lucky number. >> i looked up at the date to make sure and i said this cannot be. my hands are shaking like this. >> he calls me and goes, i think my heart started beating again and i am thinking he is sick. >> not sick, just $270 million richer. the 23 year federal worker finished a job and flew home with the to get strapped to his body in a money bill. now he and his wife plan to retire from the department of defense. replace their car that has 177,000 miles on it and will not have to be concerned about job security. >> we were worried about jobs sequestration and the furloughs which we were board be part of. we feel much better. >> they had told very few people. they found they had new-found celebrity status here in fredericksburg. she said she still does her laundry and dishes. only time will tell if that will change. >> check thateir hands in two weeks. >> not a pleasant picture with the accidents. things just cleared out just in time for the rush
a look at that on the valentine's day and a good morning to you maryland. i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. by the way happy valentine's day. we have a live shot later on this morning. if you haven't done anything yet it's not too late. don't get in the dog house. it's early in the morning. linda so is going to help people out. >> lynette charles is here right now with a check of the forecast. we got some snow as promised and as you said, it wasn't that bad. >> exactly it wasn't that bad. then another round of it towards the weekend. we'll talk about that a little later. but let's get you out the door on this valentine's day. the storm is gone from yesterday but we still do have temperatures that are below freezing so we have some slick spots on the roadways this morning. take it easy as you step out and about. we're at 30 timonium. monkton at 31. more of the same in man chest they are morning. also bel air. joppa at 29. still 34 in easton. we're at 32 in the airport right now and baltimore city at 37 degrees well above freezing. frederick at 32 degrees and visibility also
, and that will likely be dragged here for the weekend. today is valentine's day, and we are between storms, so the forecast is lots of sunshine, temperatures where they should be in the 40's, but what about beyond valentine's day next that is what i will talk about with insta weather was forecast -- valentine's day? that is what i will talk about in the insta weather plus forecast. >> archbishop william lori will testify in annapolis today to back a bill that will repeal the death penalty in maryland. he says taking an anti-death stance is in line with the church and pro-life teachings. >> it certainly should be recognized that people that commit heinous crimes should be punished, but we feel there is a better way than capital punishment, especially if there is life without parole. >> his predecessor testified in support of a similar bill in 2009. coming up, dr. patrick allen is here to answer your pet questions. if you have a question, e-mail it to pet questions at it to pet questions at , or visit our website. >> just when it seemed like things couldn't get worse, more prob
in the region. tucker barnes will tell us about the weather, julie, traffic. it is valentine's day, thursday february 14th. we were talking about those icy conditions in montgomery county. colsville road and rockville pike. the roads are so slick. police right now are helping drivers turn around and go back north. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. and there are slick spots throughout the region. after some light snow fell overnight, this is video shot from oakton, virginia. >> with snow comes school delays. frederick and carol county maryland schools opening two hours late. in virginia page county call schools are delayed two hours. >> i don't think i've ever seen snowflakes as big as i saw last night. >> it was very pretty. >> it was absolutely gorgeous last night about 7:30 in northwest washington and the transition taking place. left over here light accumulations. generally washington points north and west trace to about an inch, inch plus. but temperatures have fallen back below freezing. let's get to the numbers. at reagan national we are looking at temperatures
safe than sorry. kim and mary, what a nice valentine's it's going to be when you have your daughters in your arms. thank you for talking with us. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. are cruise ships worth the risk? let's ask our expert, jason clampett. i didn't want to say when the moms were on here, but there were reports too that the stabilization system on the boat, that takes power. so the boat is listing. i can't imagine the thought of your kid out on the deck and the boat is listing. >> and when the power goes out, as it did, they have backup systems that can back up generators, but they only manage the most important functions, the navigation and keeping lights on up top. >> the reason we had you on tonight, i wanted to know what rights do you have as a traveler? who buys a cruise? so you're paying and you're probably hitting i agree on something that you signed your life away on a boat that is probably flagged in the bahamas. so as an american traveler, what do you got? >> you don't have a lot. there's a ton of fine print whenever you travel. whether you're flyi
>>> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, february 14th. it is valentine's day, you may have heard. 2013. i'm willie geist along with al roker and natalie morales in studio 1a. we have a very special guest with us for the hour as larry king would say, jessica, her next cookbook, "the can't" cookbook. you're looking festive in red today. >> i'm not a valentine's person. i thought, i will wear a red dress. snow what does valentine's day look like in the sign felt household? romantic? what does jerry do? >> yes. well, my daughter made us a -- our daughter made us a candle and wrote a beautiful handwritten note. i have done nothing yet. we will go to that sewage plant you mentioned yesterday. i signed us up for the tour, thought that would be a nice family way to spend it. >> you use your weight to get on that tour. here it is. the views, we're told, from the top of the sewage treatment plant, majestic. the fumes are noxious but the views are majestic. >> the perfect thing for us to be doing on valentine's. >> wouldn't it be romantic to i don't know donate to great cause that tak
. it will be a nice valentine's day. that graphic will get you in the mood. 45 this afternoon. be careful. there will be some icy spots early this morning. we check the roads. >> a busy start. roads are icy. northbound 97 is closed at 32 because of an accident. other accidents include northbound 95 near 895 up towards the fort mchenry. they crashed near the airport on eastbound 95. on the south side of the beltway, we have an overturned a vehicle near ritchie highway. mountain road at route 7, another accident location. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> new details surrounding the shooting of a police trainee in baltimore county. >> he remains in critical condition. we are finding more about the circumstances that led to the tragic event. how was he doing this morning? >> he has had two surgery is this morning. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake expressed outrage over what she calls no acceptable reason to be using live rounds during a police training exercise. a trainee was shot in the head. sources say he was shot inadvertently by a veteran police instructor in owings mills. part o
to make landfall. details on this thursday, february 14th. happy valentine's day maryland, i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. it was dry outside this morning but that was not the case when you went the sleep. there was a nice coating of snow on the grass in towson but the streets were clear. this morning there may be some slick spots out there you need to watch out for but will it get cold enough to freeze? let's find out. here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> yes, in some spots it cold enough to freeze out there. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, well we are dry. a far cry from what we saw yesterday. and things will start to improve throughout the day. but in the meantime, you can leave that rain gear at home because we're talking about temperatures this morning and you can see in manchester coming in at 32 degrees. 31 in monkton. 30 timonium. also frederick 32 and even columbia at the airport. these areas yes, cold enough to see some freezing some slick roadways out there this morning. take it easy. good morning annapolis you're at 35 degrees. and easton co
're in for a mild valentine's day but it's expected to get a little chilly later on. that means you'll have to hug and cuddle. howard is back in two minutes to let you know if you need to bundle up before any dates tonight. >>> we have more on a merger of two airlines. >> it pays to be a top dog. we'll take a look at the day after the westminster for banana joe. >> thanks for waking up with us. wusa9 returns in two minutes. we have your weather >>> good morning. we may have an isolated slick spot because of the wetness yesterday and temperatures at or just below freezing so be aware of that the next couple of hours but it's going to turn out to be a great afternoon. loads of sunshine. highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. we have some arctic air lurking. we'll let you know when it gets here in a few minutes. we go to monika with timesaver traffic. >>> northbound bw parkway ramp to eastbound route 50 is shut down right now. a car hit the guardrail. he was trying to get away from a traffic stop and hit the guardrail. watch out for that activity. no problems in college park near route 1 heading for 95 i
business news from around the world. >> all right. you're wearing an appropriate valentine's day shirt. >> i am. i tried. there's a little bit of pink if we look at your tie very closely. if you want to know what's happening in the markets today, hold on, ubs, the valentine's day gdp's massacre. >> yes. >> because if you look at when it's japan shrinking at an annualized rate, germany coming in on quarter on quarter, france coming in -- well, we know they had a recession earlier in the year, as well. minus 0.9% on the quarter been minus 2.7 on the year. >> oh, that's brutal. >> it's the sixth consecutive contraction and that match tess recession of 1992 to 1993. the minus 0.9, it was forecast at minus 0.6 is the slash gdp. >> and italy has been down 2.7% on the year, but this is something in the range of almost a 4% annualized drop until the year from a year earlier. >> the massacre continues, basically. we're going to get the consolidated figures out in a few hours' time. >> 25%. >> if you look at bourses gener generally, even its growth is coming in we can been. >> not bad company re
that a valentine surprise caused the alleged victim to be mistaken for a burglar. she tweeted hours earlier what do you have up your sleeve for your lover later. >> i can confirm there's previously been incidents at the home of mr. oscar pistorius of allegations of domestic nature. >> reporter: pistorius whose battled for most of his life looks now likely to face his biggest battle yet. and court officials now say that oscar pistorius will appear in court early tomorrow morning and they indicate also that his -- that officials will reject any appeal for bail that comes from his lawyers. matt? >> all right, thank you very much. otto bolden is a track and field analyst for nbc sports. good morning to you. your first reaction? >> utter shock and amazement. i think like you guys if you've met this young man you know that this is something that seems a little bit hard to believe upon the initial report. >> it's very early in the investigation, this could have been an accidental shooting. we don't know if there was any premeditation here. do you know anything about the relationship between reeva steenkam
this extended dry outlook is going to be with us and a look at valentine's day. that's coming up a little bit later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. a surprise development this morning in the case of former lapd officer christopher dorner. on the run after allegedly killing three people. clayton sandal has the latest. >> we are coming together today to catch mr. dorner. >> overnight the lapd announced that the 2007 case that got christopher dorner fired from the department for allegedly lying is now being reopened by the police chief. >> it feels dorner's anger over that firing that apparently prompted his alleged rampage this being week. but the la police chief insists that has nothing to do to investigate the case. >> i'm not doing this to appease him. i'm doing this so that the community has faith in what the police department does. and i'm going to make a rigorous inspection to either validate or row future his claim. >> abc news has also learned that thursday a man claiming to be dorner calderon daily kwan, the former police captain who represented corner in his legal battle against the dep
out the door tomorrow morning. i'll have your complete valentine's day forecast and a look at when live doppler 7hd will be tracking rain. you heard right. dan? >> it has been awhile. thank you very much. >>> if you are looking for a mate, you probably thought about turning to the internet. >> a lot of people do. now michael finney explaining how you can run into trouble if you are not carriful. >> and these are heartbreaking stories. they are women who were looking for love. >> you are human. you ignore certain signs. >> up next, i will show you what to look out for to avoid being the victim of a ripoff. >> also, the big event at the san francisco zoo. what happened at the tiger enclosure. >> and then late other "nightline." >> we have music from fallout boy and james franco. >> thank you, anne. and now the award for best supporting actor. >> he thinks he is still hosting the oscars. >> "nightline" is after that. that's >>> there could be 40 million singles who have tried on-line dating. >> many have found love and some have also found trouble. >> on-line dating sites have a grea
tomorrow? the hash tag was "get excited valentine's day." >> more developing news, the san bernardino county sheriff says the manhunt for fugitive christopher dorner is over. the charred body was removed yesterday from the cabin but we hear from the owners of the lodge who found him in a cabin they knew it was him the moment they saw him. i thought it could be the end and he talked to us to calm us down and saying very frequently he would not kill us. he got in a shootout on tuesday after being cornered in a cabin. the former lapd police officer is believed to have killed one deputy and wounding another before the cabin went up in flames. canisters which were called "burners" were fired into the cabin do flush him out but they did not intentionally burn in the ground. >> in santa clara authorities will detonate a "usable bomb" this morning. c.h.p. officers found the bomb the scene home yesterday belonging to a 45-year-old along with other explosive materials that were also detonated. the suspect is in jail without bail for making threats against a state representative. we are learning
from kentucky on valentine's day to pick up his wife. he gave her the trip as a gift. >> this was my wife's first cruise. and i guarantee it will be her last. >> reporter: on board, there is only one working elevator, so passengers will have to carry off their own luggage. and there's a plan to get the elderly, children and people with special needs off first. there was a woman who had a stroke today on board. the coast guard was able to take her off. but for everyone else, this is going to be a long night and conceivably into the morning before the last person is off. brian? >> hey, janet, while we now know they have rail service to that port, if i remember correctly, this port was built -- alabama was going to try to make a go of it as a destination port ocean cruising. it hasn't been used like this for a long time, so aren't they trying to retrofit everything to take all this many people off? >> reporter: in just a matter of hours. it hasn't been used for a year, and this will be the biggest ship ever to dock here. so they've got challenges. and right now they are still inside, tr
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